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    • Golden Seed-#098P12SF


      from $81.00

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      Simple, modern and slick design of a two band Screwed Forever™ P ring is an everyday reminder of ones importance here and now.

      … I could share my last bite of bread with you … Self Portrait No.1

    • Blooming Flower-#096E12SF


      from $108.00

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      Ingenious, elegant and utterly original a three band Screwed Forever™ E ring in platinum, gold or silver will serve one as an iconic contemporary expression of human bonds.

      ... When you need to see me, did you forget the color of your eyes? ... I am your mirror … Self Portrait No. 2

    • The Ultimate Fragrance-#092A12SF


      from $180.00

      Modern yet classic, industrial yet sophisticated, an original four band Screwed Forever™ A ring is a statement in every-ones collection.

      … Follow me before it is too late and we both walk away … Self Portrait No.3

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      PEA - Custom


      Wear Your Love!

      ..."Cupid's arrows would never have been effective if they had not been first dipped in one unromantically named chemical- phenylethylamine." – a scientist.